Characters And Plot



The Husband stated in the short story. (Wedding dance) 
Humorous and physically fit.



The wife of Awiyao.
The woman who was left by her husband (Awiyao) because she cannot bear a child.

Beautiful, a good dancer, strong in planting beans, fast in cleaning jars, and a good housekeeper,


Awiyao's new wife.


                 The story started when Awiyao went ti his and Lumnay's house to invite his ex-wife to join the dance. 

Rising Action:

               Things get complicated when start talking, and she can't let go of Awiyao.


              So much intense felt in the story when they both stated that they do not want any other man or women for them. There so much intense formed when they stated that they still love each other.

Falling Action:

               When Lumnay and Awiyao have to follow their Tribe's Custom.

               When Awiyao was fetched by his friends and he had no choice but to go back to the wedding.